21 days to Money Magic & More!

Invoking energies to light up your money mojo!

Money pull from the Universe!

Abracadabra - Money come, Money come, Money come!

21 day email program by Raji Raaman - (91)9176085865

  • Unplugging from poverty consciousness
  • Changing your relationship with money by dismantling judgments, limiting beliefs and fear around money.
  • Receiving tools on how to ask for and to receive wealth and abundance the Universe has been waiting to gift you.
  • Communing with Earth, Elementals, Nature Spirits and your Team mates to contribute to your wealth thermostat
  • Raising your vibrational frequency to be compatible with money, gold, silver, diamonds and platinum and other precious gems and be a contribution to the world by being cash-rich.
  • Generate, create and institute money magic and be the money magician!
  • Activating all the above in this 21 day email program through tools, clearings, alchemy processes, home play and a clearing loop every day and a potent master clearing loop after the final 21 days to continue the shifts!

What else would be financially possible when you attend this enriching class applying Access Consciousness tools?