My Trip to Florida

Word Problems

June's Snacks

June got on the plane and got 7 hershey bars for 14 dollars. She also Bought 5 drinks for a total of 30.75. How much did each drink cost?
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Hotel memberships

June has a membership at the swan and dolphin hotel and at the Disney resort. At swan and dolphin, she has to pay initially $100 for her membership and then $15 everyday. At the disney resort hotel, she has to pay initially for her membership and then $10 everyday. In what number of days would the 2 hotels charge the same amount?
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Stuffed Animals and Keychains.

June has $40 to spend son stuffed animals. She wants to but one big dolphin for $32 and spends the rest on Key chains. Each keychains cost $2. How much keychains can she buy at the most?
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Sushi Place

June and her family went to this place that sold sushi. Her mom and dad ate Y number of sushi which were .25 cents a piece. June and her sister had miso soup and some sushi, ( 6 together ) which was only .20 per sushi roll. After we finished eating, our total bill was 11.65. How many sushi rolls did my mom and dad eat in all?
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Why I choose the theme My Trip to Flordia

I choose this theme because I just went to Florida and it is very special to me. All of the examples that I choose out to make a word problem out of are all the things I did when I was there.