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The following message with the 4 below are from Britt

Thank you all for the incredibly challenging and inspiring work you do every day.

I appreciate everyone's openness to and patience with the new schedule change policy and form as there have been and will continue to be growing pains while we move to implement new policies and update the way scheduling is done here at TPlus.

I truly believe the work we do this school year will save everyone time and frustration in the long run and ultimately benefit students. Thank you!


We would like to provide any interested students the opportunity to attend Q-Quest, which is a day-long conference for LGBTQIA youth happening at the U of MN on October 4th.

Please consider posting the Q-Quest flyer in your room to advertise the opportunity. Students can sign up to attend with the TPlus group in Britt's room (C170). If you are interested in helping plan/chaperone please let Britt know!

Referrals for College/Career Counseling Needed

Last spring Britt took a pro-pay course and this means it's action research time! She is looking for students who have a particular need for additional support around college/career readiness. Though she will meet with any students who have a need, in particular she is looking for Somali students as Somali students are the focus of her pro-pay course.

If you know of any students with a need for additional support in the college/career area, please send them her way and/or send her their names. She greatly appreciate your help identifying students!

Student Developed Schedule Template

One of our students (Amber) has developed a way to write out student schedules in a more visually friendly way (how awesome is that?!). If you are looking for a way to help students write their schedule out, please check out Amber's template!

Franken Internship Deadline

The deadline for the internship with Senator Al Franken's office is quickly approaching- See Here.

Please encourage any interested students to apply or send any interested students Britt's way! The deadline is this Wednesday, September 20th. It would be so awesome to have one of our students get this internship!

Scheduling & Gyms

Please remember when scheduling your students they should not be in the same class more than once, unless this is approved by Jason. There will be work this year to revamp classes and look at classes in a sequence.

Students should not be retaking classes for credit if they have already passed it.

Speech Language Therapy

Great News!

Transition Plus has gotten an increase in allotment for Speech /Language Therapy Services. Darlene is here full time and now Cindy is here .6 FTE See them if you additional needs.

Staff Break Area/ Vending Machines

This is a reminder.

The staff break area and vending machines are not for student use. This means you should not be purchasing vending machine items for students or allow them into the break room.

It is important to allow everyone their duty free lunch without students.

Codes for Mileage

If you are completing Mileage you need to remember to use the new Concur System.

The GL code for travel and mileage will be GL # 536600.

Here are the rest of the codes:

Cost Center--------- 2380

Account Code------ 536600

Fund------------------- 1001

Functional Area---- 604.000.000

Order------------------ 190000004


Please make sure all of your time is entered into ESS As soon as Possible. I need to do the approval and do not want to have to track people down to put in your time.

Call in Procedure

In order to facilitate staffing reassignments due to absences or tardiness, all support staff are to notify the secretary, regarding their absence or tardiness as soon as possible but not later than one half hour before your scheduled start time.

  • You are to report your absence or tardiness directly at 612-668-4100. If you are not able to speak directly to Secretary, you are to leave a message on the voice mail.

  • By contract you are required to notify the school as soon as possible, but not later than the starting time of your scheduled shift.

  • Please also email directly so he can account for the type of absence- sick, family illness, etc.

  • All ESPs under 40 hours are required to punch in and out at the start and end of their workday.

    • This log is for your protection in case discrepancies occur with your paycheck.

    • The log is used to process payroll.

    • The log for support staff can be found in the main office.

This Week

Tuesday-----Licensed Staff PD in Computer Lab

Friday--------ILT - Engagement Room--8 am

-----------------SEA Staff Development---2-2:30 & 2:35- 3:00- Choose one