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Lone Star books 2017

Speed Dating Books!

Every year the Texas Lone Star Committee selects 20 great YA books to be part of the highly anticipated Lone Star List. The 2017 winners are pretty amazing! You are invited to sign up your ELA classes to participate in our annual "Speed Dating Books" event (perfect for the month of February).

Students will have 1 minute to "speed date" a book before passing it on to the next student. By the end of the activity, they can decide which Lone Star books they would like to get to know better by checking them out.

The class will be available to Folks ELA students from February 6th - March 9th so there are plenty of opportunities to attend. Also, we can pair it up with book checkout if you'd like!

Here are the winners...

Check out summaries and reviews by visiting the Goodreads website!