A Christmas Carol

I recommend seeng the play A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. It is an interesting story about a man who doesn't like Christmas and who isn't the happiest person, but throughout the play learns to appreciate more. First, one reason to see the play is that one of my favorite characters, Mary Weather was in the play but not the book, which made the play more likable to me. Besides that, I also thought the play made the story more clear and easier to understand what was happening for example, in the book there was a lot of parts I wasn't really sure what was happening like when the ghosts came or when he was talking to Fred but the play you knew what was happening. Also, the play has lots of scenes and fun props for instance, Scrooges house, Scrooges desk, a Christmas tree, a factory, etc. In conclusion, I thought the play was interesting and I enjoyed watching it. It gave me a much better understanding of the story then the book.

Sacrifices made

One thing Scrooge has to sacrifice in A Christmas Carol, was his money. He gave his money to others that needed it more than him because he's trying to be a better person. Some times I had to make a sacrifice was when for my birthday parties for multiple years instead of asking for gifts I would ask the kids to bring toys that we would then give to the organization toys for tots. I sacrificed getting more gifts for me that I knew I didn't need to give to kids who I knew needed it way more then me.