Herschel Walker

Living with D.I.D

The story

Walker went the majority of his life growing not knowing he had multiple personalities. In a 2008 article he says "I didn't really learn about this until 10 years ago". In his book. He explain how he has dozens of personalities all taking on a different role such as the Hero, the Coach, the Enforcer, the Consoler, and the Daredevil to name a few. Walker explains how some of his personalities actually did a lot of good for him but some brought out extreme and violent behavior.

When it became a problem

Walker said that a few of his personalities even became a danger to him when they started to get him into trying to hurt himself. A few times it was Russian roulette and there was one instance where he got so mad over a car being delivered late that he had thoughts of killing someone and this is when he sought help. Herschel went to Doctor Jerry Mungadze where he went through therapy. Mungadze explains how he's seen only but 3 of his personalities.

The Cause

Doctors say that DID is more of a childhood disorder but does not come out until adulthood. People who have had traumatic experiences in their childhood such as abuse physically or psychologically often just relive these experiences over and over again. Walker says his traumatic experience was from he childhood he explains I was fat... with a severe stuttering problem." and I remember this guy beating me up." he says "I would get beat a lot and couldn't fight back" Doctors say that these events do not have to come from family members but anywhere in life such as getting beat up at school.

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