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Week Of September 29

September has been a busy month with testing, Math planning days, school dances, book fair, and parent conferences...OH MY! Below you will see that more exciting things are to come : ) We appreciate you and all you do every day for our students!



I've talked to several of you regarding your conferences and the feedback has been great. Of course, this is due to your preparation and sincere concern for all students. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!

BOOGIE WOOGIE! Thanks to the following volunteers from our first school dance:

Kathleen Navin, Jeanne Falgiano, Monica Jones, Cherri Hood, Becky Lotz, Breanna Childers (April's daughter), Anne Williams, Kerri Carolus, Shane Harrison, Lakeeta Sawyer, Felicia Alston, Katrina Rustin, April Durel, Jan Lewis, Leigh Dye, Ana Malone, Lilly Osborne, Lisa Hinshaw, Dionne Howard, Shanna Brown, Carolyn Pomeroy, and Judy Kavanagh.

Don't forget to have your class vote for the Grayson Cluster Foundation Teacher of the Month!! Kathleen has posted a link on the Pharr intranet page.


1st 9 Weeks Interim

DDA preview parties will continue through Tuesday. The testing schedule and other important information is posted on the Pharr ES Training page.

Georgia Milestones Test Blueprints

Test blueprints for the Georgia Milestones assessments have been released and posted to the Georgia Milestones Assessment web page. The blueprints outline the types of items students will encounter on each grade and content area/course test, as well as the number of items and number of points possible (for those tests which include constructed-response items). The blueprints also outline the domains, which are reporting categories, and the associated content standards. The approximate percentage of points allocated to each domain is provided.

Please note that the blueprints communicate about the structure of the assessment and are not intended to be used for instructional planning purposes. Instructional plans and decisions should be predicated upon the content standards for each content area and course, in addition to other relevant instruction-based or curriculum-based resources. Resources surrounding the content standards should be used to inform instructional plans and decisions.



All staff are required to view this video link for an overview of PBIS. You will then need to take a Staff Self-Assessment Survey prior to October 3. Teachers that complete the survey and sign-off on the sheet located in my mailbox will receive a jeans pass!! I will place directions for accessing the survey in your mailbox.

School ID Number: 771425

4th and 5th GRADE ONLY

A friendly reminder that I-GAAP information is due to me by Tuesday, September 30.


Please plan to meet on October 2 during your planning time to upload your goals on the PD&E. All data must be compiled prior to our meeting so we can focus on our narratives and uploading information.



REMINDER that EIP starts MONDAY!! See the spreadsheet for assignments on the Pharr ES Training page. Stacy will put EIP Parent Surveys in your mailboxes next week.

Staff Development Opportunities

Classworks Training for LSTC's, Media Specialists, TST's, AP's, Teachers and Innovators

Classworks training has been scheduled and is currently available for registration through PD&E 3- 1 1/2 hour sessions per day in the Galileo Lab

Classworks Overview: Classworks is a versatile, robust suite of assessment and instruction options. In this session, learn how to navigate this powerful program and how to choose the most relevant applications to accomplish your instructional goals. Topics will include: Choosing a Classworks Assessment; Classworks-Generated Individual Learning Paths; Assigning Instruction; Monitoring Data and Reports. Note that this will be a broad overview; please plan to follow up with your Classworks Implementation Manager for additional personalized support for your particular implementation.

Available 10/14 & 10/15: 8:30-10:00, 10:30-12:00, and 3:00-4:30

Integrated Reading: Classworks’ Integrated Reading Activities help you meet the demands of the new, rigorous reading standards. Learn how to use these weekly activities and their embedded tools to help students successfully engage with complex texts, both informational and literary, through guided interaction and annotation during close reads and paired passages. Help students navigate text-dependent questions, both multiple-choice and constructed response, to demonstrate mastery and build confidence in engaging with complex passages.

Available 10/16: 8:30-10:00, 10:30-12:00, and 3:00-4:30