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Spring Creek Elementary Update 9/8/21

School Hours

School Hours

7:55-2:25 (Mon-Thurs)

7:55-1:10 (Friday)

Doors/Breezeway Gates open at 7:45

Virtual Meet Your Teacher Thursday 9/9, 6:00-6:30 p.m.

Per the announcement sent in our class assignment emails last Friday, since we are unable to hold an in-person Meet Your Teacher event for families this year, we are instead holding a Spring Creek Virtual Meet Your Teacher Event via zoom before the first day of school for grades 1 through 5 (our virtual kindergarten orientation was held last week). Please use the following link to access your teacher's zoom session. Simply click your child's grade level and teachers will do a joint grade level session. You can also use the link to check in with individual specialists by clicking their name. I'll also be available to answer questions after you stop by your teachers' zoom meeting, simply click Mr. Bolden to join my zoom.

Use this link:

Spring Creek Meet the Teacher Zoom Links

NEW Student Drop Off & Pick Up Locations

Over the past couple of years, our enrollment has increased which has also increased the number of buses and families who pick up their children from school. During arrival and dismissal, our parking lot can be challenging to navigate and there is frequently a line of vehicles that extends out into Irvington Dr.

To help decrease the number of vehicles in our parking lot, we are assigning two separate locations for families to pick up their students.

K-2 students will be picked up along the curb in our front parking lot/driveway.

3rd-5th Grade students will be escorted to be picked up along Crocker St. just outside of the east gate along our fence. Crocker is the street adjacent to our campus on the west side of our playground. (see images below)

Families can also have 3rd -5th graders walk to Blackfoot Ave and park on that road (adjacent and south of our campus).


3rd -5th grade students who have siblings in grades K-2 can be picked up in the parking lot as well. If families want to avoid the parking lot by having their older sibling walk their younger sibling to the Crocker pick up location, please let homeroom teachers know.

We will have signs and staff to support students and families with this change. We believe this change will improve safety, efficiency and convenience for students and families.

SEE PICTURE GALLERY BELOW and please let me know if you have any questions.

-Mr. Bolden

Curbside Pause Parking Reminders: (Repeat)

In the mornings, students may be dropped off along the curb. At the end of the day, drivers can pause park along the curb on adjacent streets and in the parking lot to pick up their students when they come out at dismissal. Please note the following rules for pause parking:

Drivers must remain in their cars at all times. (if you'd like to walk your child to an entrance, you must park in a parking spot).
• Drivers should pull forward as space becomes available.
• Drivers should NOT stop in marked crosswalk areas.
• When getting in or out of a car, students must use the door on the sidewalk side. Students should never get in or out of a car on the driver’s side. It’s unsafe for the student and it slows traffic.

Drivers must remember to ALWAYS yield at the painted crosswalks and sidewalks.

Health and Safety -Use links for District Videos

Updated District Video Links:



During hybrid learning last spring, we implemented important safety measures to prevent the spread of illness. As a reminder, the following is a list of COVID-19 mitigation practices that will be in place with a couple of additions based on the most recent guidance from ODE:
  • Required masks in all indoor spaces for all students/staff: See 4J’s Mask Covering Requirements for full details, but students and staff must wear face coverings properly at all times both indoors and outdoors. Especially when within 6ft of other students or staff members.
  • Assigned breezeway entrances for specific grade levels
  • No outside visitors
  • Cohorting of students
  • Staff vaccination requirement
  • Protocol for exposure
  • 3 ft distancing to the extent possible
  • Outdoor air circulated into all unique classrooms
  • Open doors weather permitting
  • Lunch 3ft distancing and assigned seating-Eating lunch outdoors to extent possible (air quality and weather permitting)
  • Breakfast grab-n-go will be in classrooms with open doors and windows
  • Handwashing and hygiene taught and practiced regularly
  • Update Your Child’s Health Information – Ensure your child’s health records are current. We especially want to be aware of respiratory based diagnosis, such as asthma & seasonal allergies, because if we do not have a written record of those condition (signs & symptoms), the student will be sent home for exhibiting symptoms of COVID. Linked here is the Asthma Assessment Form and the General Medical Profile Form, which you can email front office staff.
  • OHA/U of O voluntary COVID testing at Spring Creek (Click Here to Learn More!)

More details to come as guidance is shared and schedules/systems are planned.

Message from our Counselor, Mrs. Olson

Big picture

Bus Driver Shortage & Bus Stop Changes: (Repeat)

Like many other school districts, 4J is experiencing a significant bus driver shortage. The Transportation Department will unfortunately will have to adjust bus routes to have fewer stops, farther apart, and there may be additional impacts, such as less physical distancing on buses. This is not what anyone would want, but is necessary to continue to provide the best possible transportation service we can with the limited resources we have.

Parents are encouraged to transport your own students to school if you are able to, by walking, biking, carpooling or driving. 4J's Safe Routes to School coordinator can help with route finding for active and shared transportation. All 4J students also can get a free LTD bus pass.

If you or someone you know is a safe driver, who likes working with kids and supporting our community, applications for bus driver positions are open now!

What to bring on the first day of school (Repeat)

The school district is purchasing basic school supplies for all 4J students this year. All that families need to bring is a:

• Backpack (no backpacks with wheels)
• iPad and Charger from last year (unless you are in kindergarten or returned your iPad in the spring)
• Headphones from last year or your own (kindergarten headphone will be provided)
• Face Mask (plus an extra if they get wet, dirty, or broken)

The district is providing most of the supplies families usually buy. For now, please plan on sending your student to school with a backpack (no wheels, please) and headphones (preferably with a straight headphone jack). Your child’s teacher may have a few other small supply requests which they’ll share once school starts, but we have the pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, and other basics covered.

Kindergarten age students- Enroll Now! (Repeat)

If you know of anyone with kindergarten age students, please have them contact Spring Creek Elementary office @ 541-790-4870

Enrollment Forms Linked Here - Feel free to share this link.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus (Repeat)

Breakfast and lunch menus are available on the 4J Menu Website. Make sure you filter to Spring Creek Elementary.

Meals are free for all students this school year, no paperwork required!

YMCA After-school Care for the 2021-22 School Year (Repeat)

The Eugene Family YMCA is excited to be providing afterschool care onsite for next school year. Registration is now open and you can find more information on their website: or by emailing

La familia Eugene YMCA se complace en brindar cuidado despues de la escuela en el lugar durante el proximo ano esclolar. El registro ya esta abierto, y puede encontrar mas informacion en su sitio web : o enviando un correo electrónico a

Dates to Remember

Sept 9: 7:55- 2:25 1st Day of School for Kindergarteners

Sept 10: 7:55 - 1:10 p.m. First day of School for 1st-5th. (K-5 Attend)

Link to the 4J Elementary School Calendar

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