Missouri Madness

By Alex

Mostly amazing history

there is alot of history in Missouri known as the show me state it also has some football teams such as the Chiefs and Missouri Tigers.The show me state expression began in 1899 when congress man Willard Dunoan Vandivy stated "I,m from Missouri and you've got to show me.

Something nice to know about is the most destuctive tornado on record occured in Annapolis.In three hours it tore through the town on March18,1925 leaving a 980 foot wide trail of demolished buildings,uproared trees,and over turned cars.It left 823 people dead and almost 3,000 injured

Facts and Amazing history

There are a bunch of different state animals for Missouri the state bird is the blue jay the state insect is the honey bee.The first capitol Jefferson city burned in 1837 and a second structure completed in 1840 burned when the dome was stuck with lightning on

February 5,1911.Jefferson city Missouri,the state capital was named for Thomas Jefferson,the third president of the United States

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