What is the Columbian Exchange?

By Phoebe Dunham

Summary of the Columbian Exchange

The Colombian Exchange was an event that took place at the Americas.Columbus went to the Americas and started the Columbian Exchange. Columbus brought animals,people,

food and with the horses that he brought he started a new culture , The Cowboys.

Positive and Negative of the Columbian Exchange

Positive events of the Columbian Exchange :

  1. Columbus brought and introduced the Arawaks to new foods like, wheat, bananas, coffee, sugar, and apples.
  2. Columbus introduced the Arawaks to new animals like horses, chickens, sheep, and cattle.
  3. The Arawaks introduced Columbus and his men to new plants like corn, potatoes, peanuts, tomatoes, coco beans, and tobacco.
4. The Arawaks introduced Columbus and his men to new animals like Canadian Geese, the red fox, and the gray squirrel.

Negative events of the Columbian Exchange:

  1. Columbus brought diseases from Europe to the Americas. Some diseases were small pox, the flu, and the measles.
  2. Because of the diseases a lot of people died.
  3. The Arawaks were frightened of Columbus' horses. They thought they were giant dogs that fed on human flesh.

Against or For the Columbian Exchange

You should For the Columbian Exchange.This is because today if Columbus didn't come to America then we would not know what tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts, and chocolate are. It also brought animals to the Americas that hadn't been here before. The Americas would not have wheat, bananas, coffee, sugar and apples.

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