8th Grade Science


I hope everyone is staying warm. I wanted to give an update as to where we are in the school year! We are in the home stretch to spring break, so let's finish strong!

After Spring Break...

Looking forward to some warmer weather, but wanted you to know what you could expect after returning from spring break! We will have two unit tests to take. Test 11 is a pretty tough test because it really stretches the student's chemistry knowledge with balancing chemical equations, the law of conservation of mass, and endothermic and exothermic. Test 12 is a bit easier as it explores acids and bases. We will then take benchmark #3 that will be over everything covered this entire year. It will allow us to analyze, on an individual level, what standards need to be reviewed, as we review for TCAPS. We will then take the state assessment that covers everything we have learned all year. Finally, we will finish the year with a post test. This test is given during the final week of school and allows us to compare to the pretest given at the beginning of the year for a true growth measure.

Ms. Parten

Please feel free to email me with any questions.