Den Zemli (Earth Day)

Say "yay" to a happy Earth Day

The Origins of Earth Day

Back in time, in the 1960's, extreme activism caused a political leader by the name of Gaylord Nelson to create a national holiday based on the creation and protection of the Earth. People soon passed laws such as the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act. It is definitely a great idea to actively participate in Earth Day celebrations. Practically half of all the food in the U.S. goes to waste. It is calculated to about 3,000 pounds per second. Only 9% of the 32 million tons of plastic that was created ended being scrapped for recycling uses. Every person that joins in participation of Earth Day related activities can help round up more plastic. Please, join in the fun and celebrations of Earth Day. Leave this place a little better than when you found it.
Earth Day Animation