Tech Talk Thursday

March 12th, 2015 - Room 17 at Lunch

Tech Talk Schedule and Communication

After multiple discussions in the Faculty Room, the consensus is to send out weekly emails announcing Tech Talk Thursday. We kicked around the idea of a Google Doc, that was quickly squashed, as well as another calendar. I was blown out of the room by the chant, "Too many calendars!"

So, I am going to try this. A weekly reminder email of the topics. These flyers will also be stored online and I will create a local page that collects them all as well as future topics.

If am am really nice to Laurie, I bet I could get a link in your Veracross teacher portal. ;-)

Topics for Thursday, March 12th

Show Me the Apps!

Do you find yourself asking the question, "How do I find good resources for apps and technology in the classroom ideas?"

There is no easy answer for this, but I will share my favorite resources with you. I am hoping this is a two way conversation where you bring your own resources to share!

We will also discuss tips and tricks for evaluating iPad apps and other technology resources.

Aurasma - Augmented Reality in the Classroom

What do you know about Augmented Reality?

Put simply for our purposes:

  • Take an iPad running an Augmented reality app
  • Point the camera at a real world object or setting
  • Virtual information is layered on top of the real world (images, a video, animation and so on) on the iPad screen

If I did a poor job explaining, here is a brief video that will do a better job...

Now that you have seen it, the possibilities are endless... Don't you just want to scream every time you hear that phrase? At our Tech Talk we will look at interesting ways of using augmented reality in the classroom.

I will have some examples for you to try on Thursday.

Tech Talk Thursday

Thursday, March 12th, 11:15am

Room 17, Pinewood Upper Campus

Grab your lunch and head on down to Room 17. Come on by and join in on the fun!