Checkin' Out My Future

by: Tracey Alexandria-Lynn Petrie

In the college it is greatly frowned upon to have a written history of past suspensions, illegal drugs, and forms of violence. Legally, you can even register as young as 16 years old. There is no listed GPA requirement in order to get into the school but having nice grades would look pretty good on your record if you wished to get into the school.

Spring to Summer Classes.

They teach art, astronomy, biology, business, information systems, developmental mathematics, drama/theatre, health, mathematics, medical assisting, marine science, office systems technology, and psychology.

Fall to Winter Classes.

They teach accounting, air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration, architecture, art, astronomy, biology, business, chemistry, information systems, criminal justice, communication, computer science, computer information technology, culinary, database management technology, developmental mathematics, drama/theater, develop reading and English, education, electrical, electronics, English, geography, health, history, human services, humanities, international business, mathematics, medical assisting, marketing and retailing, medical laboratory technology, music, networking technology, network operating systems, nursing, office systems technology, phlebotomy, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, Spanish, sustainability technologies, and work-based learning.
The school has many classes involving nursing and electronics. In addition to these classes, the college also offers help around the community and makes donations. Where tuition is concerned, it costs $2,287 in state and $8,047 out of state. In order to get into the school you must send an application, transcripts, COA login-in, placement test, advising and registration, and then you go to orientation.

They have many hospitals nearby the college. There’s a country club: Pine Lakes Country Club. The have an Albemarle Family YMCA. It’s almost right by the Pasquotank River. There’s a Wendy’s by the college in case I ever get hungry.

I would like to spend two years in this college to get a basic kind of degree. I would like to major in English and Philosophy. I would spend 6 hours in a day total working on English and Philosophy.