The Horrors Of Liberalism Run Amuck

We Gave The Americans The Boot For A Reason

Look at what the captains of industry in America do to their workers. Steelers in the factories of Andrew Carnagie toil in hellish conditions for over twelve hours straight to earn far below a living wage. He treats his workers as though they were as interchangeable as the machines they operate. Yet a substantial number of Americans glorify this sort of economic system. What is wrong with them?

Here Is What You Can Do About It

The only way to stop the cycle of exploitation is if all hold the means of production in common. The old power always resents becoming the old power, and thus will not give it up willingly. Therefore, the only way for the working classes to improve their lot is through revolution. Go to the textile mill up the road from your house, bring your sickles and sledgehammers, and break every machine in sight. We know its a capital offence, but it is something that needs to be done.