Father of the American Revolution

Samuel Adams on American Independence (1776)


Brief Family History

The born Boston native was one of twelve children to Samuel Adams Sr. and Mary Adams. Samuel Jr. was born into a very wealthy, religious, and heavily involved in politics although sadly, only three children survived past the age of three. With both parents being strict Puritans, Samuel Sr. was a deacon of the Congregational Church. Samuel Adams was also cousins to John Adams.


Contributions to Independence

Samuel Adams was a great leader and proud democrat-republican. Politically, he led the state of Massachusetts to form groups, called the Sons of Liberty, that opposed British rule and worked towards American independence. In response to the Tea Act, he helped organize and lead the colonial attacks against British taxes, the Boston Tea Party. With his great speaking qualities, he spoke of the injustice of the Stamp Act and wrote many articles in newspapers throughout English colonies to speak out against England. He is one of our Founding Fathers and a signer of our Declaration of Independence.


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the quality of being honest and having strong moral beliefs, moral uprightness.


The colonists viewed Sam Adams as a honest man. He was their speaker, he spoke the thoughts of the colonists and he stuck up to Britain when he felt something needed to be done. When Britain rose the taxes on tea and set out to over rule the colonists, Sam Adams had something to say. His integrity meant everything to him. He was envied for his strong moral principles and his willingness to protect the colonists with his Puritan background. Since Adams was such a successful rebel to the British, they would view him as a fraud, someone who lacked moral sustainability. They would question his integrity and be easily threatened because of the voice he had for the colonists.



the character of an individual viewed as a member of society; behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen; an award for good citizenship.


The colonists viewed Sam Adams as a man full of citizenship. He was very involved and determined for American independence which is one of the many reasons why he was such admired. As a political leader, he organized the Sons of Liberty, led attacks against British taxes and passionately spoke out against the Stamp Act. However to the British, Sam Adams would be viewed as a pest or a pita (pain in the ass).