First Week of School!!

Mr. Fioccoprile's Classroom

About the Teacher

My name is Mr. Fioccoprile. I was born in Killeen, Texas but I have lived in several states since then. I have lived in Savannah for a little over four years. This is my first year teaching, so I have no experience under my belt ;). I chose teaching because I have a passion for Christian Education and teaching young people. I hope that through the year I will not only teach your child the skills necessary to make it to the next grade level, but also how to become a productive member of society. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you as we cultivate your child's young mind!

First Week of School

Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 9pm

707 Little Neck Rd

Savannah, GA

On the first day we will begin by introducing ourselves to the class and becoming acquainted with our fellow learners!