Poaching: Major Crisis in Africa

by: Kaitlyn Templeton

Why is poaching animals in Africa such a big problem?

Poachings a big problem in Africa due to the killing of innocent animals for body parts. Giraffes, rhinos, elephants, and the majority of cats and zebras are poached for their skins and bushmeat.

Causes of poaching.

One of the causes of poaching is a way to get money. People kill the animals and then sell their body parts so that they can get money for themselves. Another way is for them to find a way to get bushmeat. Although it is illegal to sale bushemat th buyers and producers don't care. One last way is a way to get the skin of animals. "Rich" people use the skins of animals for either decoration or to wear as coats. If we could find a stop to poaching it would make the world a whole lot better place for the animals to live and not become endangered.

Effects of poaching

What animals are killed for? There are a lot of animals that are getting killed for no reason at all. Cats and zebras are getting killed for their skin, so that peopel can us it as decorations or coats. Rhinos are gettign killed for thier horns due to it being some type of medicine in different countires. Giraffes are getting killed for their meat and tails because people think that their tails bring good luck to them.                _ Laura Strom

Solutions to poaching

There are many solutions to poaching that anyone can do to help. One of the reasons is to find another way to make money. If people would find another way to make money then they wouldn't have to kill the animals for no reason at all. Don't purchase products made from endangered species is another way to keep the animals safe. The less products you by the faster people stop killing the animals because they won't be making any money at all. The last way is to keep the ban on ivory trade to protect the elephnats. If they put a stop to some of these things than all of these animals might not become at risk of extinction.               -Will Garrett

Random Fact

Poachers have killed two-thirds of Africas forest elephants in ten years.                           Stephen Messenger