Mrs. Scallan's Class

November 12th 2015


Language Arts:

This week in Language Arts, we learned about the Letter Buddy Powerful P. We learned how to write the Letter P and the lower case as well! We practiced writing the letter in our phonics workbooks, on paper, and in our Letter Buddy journals! We listened and danced along to the letter P songs on story bots and abc mouse!! We listed P words on a Letter Buddy chart paper. We read the Letter Buddy Book Put That There.We made P's out of our center pieces. We made pictures of Powerful P with a word from our word list and used our inventive spelling skills to write a P Word. We colored, sorted, and identified the letter P!


In Math, we introduced the Penny. We looked at examples of pennies and learned more facts about the penny with the book Penny . We used plastic coins to match and sort. We counted pennies and put them on numbered piggy banks. We had fun playing the game Top It with our partners. We had to match the coins faster then our friend. We continued to work on number writing and matching number sets!

Social Studies

This week we focused on learning about the pilgrims. We read the books The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving and Samuel Eaton's Day. We learned a lot about the pilgrims and compared their life to our lives today. We were surprised to learn that they had to work all day! We painted ourselves as pilgrims and we will use the painting to write about what we are thankful for!

Next week

We will be learning about a new Letter Buddy! We will continue to learn about Native Americans and Pilgrims and the first thanksgiving. We will be writing about what we are thankful for. In Math we will learn about the nickel and discuss its value! We will use nickels and pennies to count! We will also practice writing our numbers! Don't forget to click on the link below to contribute to the thanksgiving feast! Thank you!

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