1. Life of a vassal

I swear to my lord to fight for shelter and protection.

2. Vassal

Lived in the manor with the lord.They swore their lives to fight for the lord.In return they got shelter,food,and protection.

2. Chivalry

A code of honor that vassals went bye.
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3. Vassals,Nobles,Lords.

Vassals are part of the noble class along with nobles and lords.

3. Manor

Serfs harvest food from the manor property and take their share and give the rest to the vassals once the vassals take their share they give the rest to the manor lord and once the lord takes it they give the rest to the king.


Nobles divided their land among the lesser nobility, who became their servants or "vassals." Many of these vassals became so powerful that the kings had difficulty controlling them.(learner.org)


A vassal might take the oath of fealty to numerous overlords, who did not necessarily owe fealty to one another. Thus the system led to endless conflict.(Britannica)

Question 1

What was a vassasl's life like? They were happy as long as they got food and a place to live they liked their life.

Question 2

Were there other vassals? Yes there could be more than one vassal protecting a manor.
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7. What I think of the Middle Ages....

I think that the Middle Ages was a time of new goverment and social life because they had feudal society and they were classified into social classes.

8. Author

R.J. Barker 3rd period