Second Grade News You Can Use

November 16-November 24, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Graham

I want to brag for a moment on you and your children. This is a group of givers. I have been overwhelmed by the participation of this group in all of our collections and contests this year. Today, for example, we sent 23 boxes of cereal down to Mrs. Greenlee's room. In total, we have sent 31 boxes thus far. Our class is solely responsible for bringing in 26% of the total number of cereal boxes in the elementary school which is 117 boxes. Thank you for instilling a generous spirit within your children. They are seeing people in need like Jesus did. We will be His eyes to see and hands to serve the people less fortunate than we are.

With that thought fresh on our minds, I want to make you aware of two other opportunities to give. There is a can on my desk for spare change to be collected for Timothy Hill Ranch which serves at risk youth in the state of New York. Their website is linked below if you want to learn more about this mission. The change will be used to help provide a Christmas Experience for the youth currently at the ranch.

The second opportunity stems from my recent trip to Haiti. While in Haiti, we hired some young men and women as translators. The translators are usually former or current students of Roberta Edwards or children that have been involved in her nutrition center. She has taught them English so they can make a living. Many of our translators are still in Haitian school and use the income they make translating to pay for school. One of my translators from last October, Woodley (pronounced Woodsey), is struggling to pay for his tuition, books, and living expenses. Since we will not be going to Haiti as often or at all, his main source of money has disappeared. He has come up with a business plan to sell cold drinks and oil in his neighborhood to earn the income he needs to continue in school. Basically, any money we can come up with will help him begin his business and then he has a plan for keeping it going by saving enough to restock after paying for school, books, and food. If you would be interested in helping, please come talk to me. There are others who know Woodley who will be helping. I just wanted to give you the opportunity to help make a difference in the life of a young man I really believe will make a positive impact in Haiti. His dream is to be a preacher there one day. He has to finish high school first, though, to be accepted at the preaching school.

School Notes from Mrs. Brasel

Quick Uniform Reminder
Each year as it gets cooler, we always take the opportunity to remind everyone of the dress code. Jackets and coats are needed, of course, but in order for your child to wear them all day, they MUST be navy, black, or orange with writing/emblem no larger than about 3 inches. All other colors have to be removed once they get into the room. Students become chilly and like to keep their hoodies and jackets on throughout the day - this is fine as long as they were purchased through the school or meet the above criteria. Also, tights must be solid navy or white. Thanks!

Eagle Parent Association Meeting will be November 17th from 6-7pm. Please join us if you can.

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November 17th-EPA meeting

November 20th-Nashville Children's Theater trip to see Charlotte's Web (permission slip and money due now.)

November 21-Auction Dinner (We have a second grade project that will be in high demand-come ready to bid)

November 24th-Praise and Thanksgiving Feast (Second grade brings side dishes-bring them to the classroom that morning.)

November 25-27 Thanksgiving Break!

Veggie Tales cast rehearsals are on November 16th, 23rd, and 30th from 3-4pm.


Our stories are the same as last week. Ah, Music and There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. (song)

We are primarily focused on finishing our teacher read aloud story of Charlotte's Web before we go see the play on Friday.

There may be more time for independent reading this week in class. Your child will be encouraged to work toward his or her AR goals before reading free choice books. Mrs. Brasel will be sending information about how to access your child's AR information from home in her newsletter.


We have 3 more big concepts in this Chapter 3 before the test which I hope to give next Monday.

Lesson 3.9 Objective: Write equations to represent and solve a variety of addition and subtraction situations.

Lesson 3.10 Objective: Solve problems involving equal groups by using the strategy act it out.

Lesson 3.11 Objective: Write equalities using repeated addition to find the total number of objects in arrays.

If we finish these lessons by Friday, then we will take a test on Monday. I will not test them if I do not feel they are prepared. You will be notified in the planner on Friday if there is a test scheduled.


Homework: Work on the Explorer Project. The project sheets went home last Friday. These are due the week after Thanksgiving Break, November 30-December 4.

In class, we will be studying Native Americans, Pilgrims, and the First Thanksgiving Celebration.


Theme: Sound

This was the theme of our show at the Renaissance Center. We are learning more about sound now as we answer the all important question: Where do echoes come from?


Story: Jesus Walks on Water

Bible Verse: Take Courage! It is I. Don't be afraid. Mark 6:50b

Theme: We need to completely trust in Jesus.