What it's like to be a

Forensic Scientist


You think being a Forensic Scientist would be SO fun? Well it's not all fun and games. Forensic Science is a serious job! It may be enjoyable, but it most certainly is not a game!

The term 'forensic science' is often shortened to 'forensics'. The word forensic comes from the Latin word forēnsis, meaning 'of or before the forum'. In the Roman Times, a crime would result in a presentation of the case to a group of individuals in the forum. Both the accused and accuser, would present a speech of their side of the story. The person with the best presentation would determine the outcome.

different roles:

· Field officer

· Lab officer

· Crime scene investigator

· Latent print examiner

· Firearm examiner

· Tool mark examiner

· Document examiner

· Trace evidence examine

· Forensic pathologist

· Forensic anthropologist

· Forensic odontologist

· Forensic entomologist

All of these jobs have very important different roles.

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