Who's number 1? Bama or Notre Dame

Austin Sanford period 3


After the National Championship game on Monday, Alabama clearly destroyed Notre Dame 42-14. But it wasn't enough for Colley Matrix, a BCS ranking computer, to give the Crimson Tide the number 1 ranking. The computer determined that the Irish played a tougher schedule than Alabama, and that their loss to the Tide wasn't enough to throw Notre Dame off the top rank. you might be wondering, is it the luck of the Irish that this happend? No it's not, because Alabama still holds the Doctor Pepper Coaches Trophy.

My Opinion

I think that the computer just made a mistake. After that kind of beating that Notre Dame took, the computer needs to be replaced. 42-14 in a National Championship game is embarrassing. But the Fighting Irish have a bright futre because they have a young quarterback.

5 Themes

I don't really think this relates to the 5 themes, but it most likely relates to HEI. Because the computer made a mistake wich shapes our ideas about how awful the BCS is.