Willie Mays

By Jake Sherwood

Baseball Life

Willie Mays is a legend at baseball. At the age of 16, Mays joined the negro leagues. He joined the Miner Leagues and got a .477 batting average (an average batting average is about .200 to .250). The next year he joined the New York Giants' Major League team in 1951. He got racial taunts from fans, but he didn't care, he just kept on playing his game. He is very athletic because he got a .477 batting average, he is also brave because even though he got racial taunts from fans he kept playing.

May 6, 1931- (still alive)


When Mays was a kid, his parents divorced and he has 2 aunts. He loved baseball and football as kid also.

A Quote

"When i'm not hitting, I don't hit nobody, but when i'm hitting, I hit anyone"