Fort Sumter

The Fort that Started the War

Facts About the Attack on the Civil War

  • April 12, 1861 the confederate forces began to fire on Fort Sumter in the middle of the Charleston Harbor.
  • The fort was under the command of Union Major Robert Anderson who had requested supplies for his men as they couldn't get supplies from the area around itself.
  • The fire fight from land to the fort lasted all through the night and the fort was surrendered the next day with no death to either side during the firing.
  • Fort Sumter was unfinished at the time of the attack and lack sufficient supplies to keep up a strait fire fight with the south and had no exploding weapons only solid shots.
  • On the early morning of the 14th of April Anderson and his 85 men fled the fort after the surrender and a 100 gun salute that had failed resulting in the only death through out the entire in counter.
  • Sumter became known as the start of the civil war all though no one was injured or fought face it face, it brought the amassing animosity into a full out conflict.
By Katie Kennedy