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"Auburn Pride Starts Inside"

December 3, 2021

Dear Auburn Families,

The events of this week in Oxford and the copycat threats have shaken all of us. Thank you for your understanding and support as we cancelled school on Thursday out of caution. Thankfully, the threats were fully investigated and found to be not credible. Today, our staff worked together to prepare for our students' return and to review safety protocols. Auburn had already completed a review of and practiced ALL of our safety drills this fall, but additional instruction and feedback is always appreciated from our law enforcement partners.

Every day our staff works to create an environment that is safe for learning. It is easy at this time to focus on the physical safety measures in place, however, I don't want to miss this opportunity to discuss all of the programs that are in place at Auburn that make students feel emotionally safe. Below you will find a newspaper article regarding Auburn's designation as a No Place for Hate School. You will also find our P2 trait for next week and a call for donations for our student snack pantry. All of these initiatives are woven into who we are at Auburn. We are a community who cares about one another, a community who takes care of one another, a community who understands that our students' emotional well being is as important as their physical well being. We are a safe and joyful place to grow and learn.

Please know that your children mean the world to us and everything that we do is focused on keeping them safe. If you ever have any questions regarding our safety protocols or your child is struggling because of this week's events, we are here to answer your questions and to support your student. A reminder that in Wednesday's email, I sent three articles you may find helpful in guiding your conversations with children. I'm also here, as a mom, to meet with any parent who just needs to talk and process the overwhelming events and emotions that have been raised this week.

Take care of each other,


Posiivity Project (P2) - Knowing my words and actions affect others

So, why does this matter?

On an individual level, our words and actions impact our relationships with other people. They have the power to lift others up or tear them down. But, our words and actions also impact ourselves. If I am consistently speaking or acting with an entitled, arrogant, or mean attitude, I’m going to find it tougher to tap into and exemplify the character strengths of gratitude, humility, and kindness.

When a group is comprised of individuals who are thoughtful about their words and actions; individuals who show respect and consideration for the people around them – we’re likely to have a happier and healthier culture.

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  • December 10: NO SCHOOL
  • December 16: Early Dismissal 1:35
  • December 23-31: NO SCHOOL

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