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Room 203

What's New?

Hi Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break! The weather sure hasn't been feeling very springy this week! Thank you all for returning report cards promptly. Can you believe we are already in our 3rd trimester?! Students did a self-reflection before Spring Break and came up with goals for themselves for the end of the year.

This week the students were busy with PARCC testing. They worked hard and gave it their best. On Friday, we celebrated the end of PARCC by watching a bit of the movie, The Indian in the Cupboard. On Thursday, we also enjoyed Pizza Day sponsored by our PTO.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Green and Ms. Ruiz


This week we have been working on geometry! The students learned about the different types of angles and got to work with protractors to find the measure of an angle. We then moved on to triangles. They learned that triangles can be categorized by their side length or angle measurement. Our test over Chapter 13a will be on Wednesday, April 13. Take home review packets came home earlier this week and can be turned in anytime next week for super bucks.

Civil War

In the next several weeks, our class will travel back in time to the 1860s, to an America torn apart by economic, social, and political issues too deep and divisive to repair without a major conflict. That conflict was the Civil War (1861–1865). Before Spring Break, we discussed the causes leading up to the Civil War. Each week we will study a specific year of the war. Students will learn about an important battle, hear dispatch notes, participate in common soldier interviews, and many other activities. At the end of each week they will play battle jeopardy and then take a quiz over the material learned that week.


In place of our regular vocabulary, students will be assigned Civil War vocabulary to study each week. Below is a Quizlet for students to study their first set of vocabulary terms.


  • Civil War Simulation
  • Pizza Day
  • Musical Rehearsals
  • Our new Read Aloud, Echo
  • Spanish Game


  • Thursday, April 14
  • Early Dismissal 12:00 pm

  • Friday, April 22
  • Spirit Wear Day

  • Monday, April 25
  • Musical Dress Rehearsal

  • Tuesday, April 26
  • School Musical Performance 1:30 pm

  • Wednesday, April 27
  • Musical Performance 7:00 pm