Touching Spirit Bear

Jaxon Moore

I Am Poem

I Am Garvey

I am patient and kind

I wonder if Cole will ever change

I hear growls of a bear

I see a flash of white

I want for Cole to change

I am Garvey

I pretend to be changed

I touch the at oow

I worry that Cole won't take care of the at oow

I cry if anything were to happen to the at oow

I am Garvey

I understand that anger never truely goes away

I say that everybody can change

I dream that some day I will change

I try to help Cole

I hope that some day Cole will change for the better

I am Garvey


  • Cole- Is a 15 year old boy that is quick to anger, he has to bully his fellow peers in order to make himself feel better about his faults and weaknesses.
  • Garvey- is a youth care worker at the juvenile dilequent center that Cole stays at. He tries to be someone on whom Cole can depend on.
  • Edwin- Is the Tinglit Elder who arranged the banishment to the island. Later on in the book he seems to just want the best for Cole.
  • Peter- is the poor boy who was viciously attacked by Cole in the begining of the book.

Thematic Quote

"A strange thought occurred to Cole: the world was beautiful. Yes, the world was beautiful....He wondered why he had never noticed this all before. How much beauty had he missed in his lifetime? How much beauty had he destroyed?"

Cole learns about the true beauty of nature while at a moment of weakness. The moments after he was gruesomely attacked by the spirit bear. I find it kind of ironic because he is all broken and is not able to move around and enjoy the true beauty of nature.

Symbols/ motifs

  1. Circle- The meaning of this symbol is that life is a circle. this symbol takes a large role throughout the novel, this theme emphasizes the connectedness of all humans with nature.
  2. Stick- During Cole's second stay on the island, Edwin takes Cole to a pond. He shows Cole a stick and tells him to brake off his anger or the left side of the stick. Cole does as he says, but soon realizes that there will always be a left side of the stick. Edwin says that the left side of the stick is the same as anger: it never goes away.
  3. At oow- This quilt is a symbol of trust.
  4. Hot Dogs- It represents that life is what you make it, so make it a celebration
  5. Spirit Bear- Shows trust and courage as well as it can also be seen as a reflection of Cole and how by hurting the bear, he hurt himself.