Spring Schedule!

Update for Counseling Parents & Students

Registration Success

I wanted to let you all know that I have completed registration for all my kids for the spring 2015 semester.

Unless you/your student has heard from me via email this morning you can assume you/your student has been successfully registered in all courses we planned.

Directions for verifying/viewing final college schedule for spring:

1. Have student log in to his/her WebSmart account via the CaƱada College website: Username = G-number

password = birthday (e.g 061697)

2. Click on "Registration" under Student Services area at top

3. Click on "Class Schedule Summary"

4. You will be prompted to select a term--choose "Spring 2015"

There is still time to make any necessary changes, but I would like to make as few as possible since so much time has already gone into this process. Also, some classes have already begun to fill; right now the class selections students have are secure, so I don't like to give up a spot unless we need to.

Thank you!
:-) jen b.

Online Schedule of Classes

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