5 Mobile Spanish Apps for Class

Spanish 10, 20 and 30

Conjugation Nation Spanish

One of the hardest and tedious parts of learning Spanish is understanding how to correctly conjugate verbs according to pronoun and tense. This app has exercises where students will practice conjugating verbs in a fun and interactive way. The quizzes are also customizable; if you only want to practice your conjugation in a specific tense as well as choose a specific list of verbs to practice you can! This would be helpful in targeting skills in specific tenses. Present tense will be taught to beginner speakers whereas the subjunctive will be useful for learners will some basic knowledge.
Glow Draw, Conjugation Nation: 8th Grade


This is a free Spanish Dictionary that can also conjugate verbs. It also has a 'Word of the Day' and the ability to favourite words so you have an ever ready list you can refer back to. My favourite feature of this app is the conjugation ability, it produces easy to read tables of all possible tenses of the verb. Copying the tables is great way to study for pencil and paper learners like myself!

Spanish Conversation HD

Often times in class, it can be difficult to teach grammatical structures as well as conversational dialogue. Different rules apply to how we speak and write in Spanish. This app is a great way for students to learn colloquialisms and idioms of native speakers. Each 'lesson' has 5 different areas it focuses on- conversational listening, conversational reading, comprehension, vocabulary and sentence completion. Audio pronunciation and an idiom dictionary is included. This app would be better suited for Spanish 20 or 30 levels.


This app was named Apple's app of the year for 2013! This free app builds your knowledge of Spanish from the ground up, no previous knowledge is needed. This would be good for beginner speakers of Spanish. There are games, activities and ways to track your learning and success in a fun, motivational, interactive, non intimidating way. There are many different activities, including translating texts from English to Spanish and vice versa. It tracks your learning and shows your progress. Quizzes switch between testing speaking, listening and writing. Receiving high scores unlock additional activities.


This app focuses on essential vocabulary and conversational skills purely through game based learning. The app has nine games to play. You can personalize the content of your game by learning the words and phrases that matter to you. This app would be useful for beginner level Spanish students.
Spanish vocabulary for children - MindSnacks [ages: 6+, iPad, iPhone]