Red Ribbon week

by:Nick Licea

first red ribbon week

First red ribbon week start? The first red ribbon week started when Kiki’s town wanted to honor him for trying to cover a billon drug traficer and soon spread around the world.

I choose to be drug free

I chose to be drug free because drug do bad thing to you like make you less smarter, make you look more older like if you were 20 you would look like you were 50 and also I would like to live an athetic life

Thing to do Instead of drugs

Football ,Soccer ,Baseball, Basketball, Play a video game, Go fishing, Do homework ,Take a nap, Fly a kite ,Drive a go cart, Volunteer Cheer some one up, Write a skit, Learn a language, Go bowling ,Solve a riddle, Ride a bike , Call a friend, Go camping, Play catch ,Dance, Play with your pet, Through a party ,Go to the zoo, Listen to music ,Play games ,Watch movies