Technology Rules for Parents

by Daniel Gubiotti

rule #1

Don't text and drive ,because when you text and drive you become more focused on the phone instead of the road which may lead into an accident

rule #2

Do not post pictures until editing privacy settings ,because if you don't edit them properly people can see your private pictures

rule #3

Put a password on all devices of yours ,because if you don't people can look at every thing you have on them.

rule #4

do not save passwords on devices ,because it is easy for people to hack your things.

Rule #5

Don't share passwords ,because the people who you shared it with could be an enemy for you later on.
"From One Second To The Next" A Film By Werner Herzog - It Can Wait

rule #6

don't cyberbully ,because if you do know one will like you and you might cost someone's life.

rule #7

don't use inappropriate language, if you use inappropriate language you probably will set a bad influence on other people.

rule #8

know what you are looking at if you don't know what you are looking at you may be looking at something that isn't very good.

rule #9

don't watch or search inappropriate things if you watch or search inappropriate things you will put a bad image on yourself and probably get in trouble.

rule #10

don't break the law if you break the law you would probably end up in jail or might die.