The Pulse of the Nation

Week of November 30

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Item #1

Roster Checks for Linkage (Batelle for Kids)

This is IMPORTANT to 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts and Math teachers and 8th Grade Science Teachers and Emily Cornett....Need action by Tuesday, December 2nd.

Think back to April/May, when you had to complete Linkage (through the Batelle for Kids website)...

We now need you to check your rosters (from last year) to ensure that you had the correct students listed as being enrolled in your classes and for the appropriate amount of time...

(see note from the state)

All teachers and principals who participated in Roster Verification 2015 are encouraged to review their rosters one last time, using the same email username/password they used previously when verifying rosters through BFK•Link® CE. This is the information that will be used to generate teachers’ 2015 Value-Added results. Educators finding substantive errors (e.g., missing grades/subjects, incorrect association of grades/subjects to teachers, or errors in Educator State IDs) should contact their administration to begin the appeals process.

​This is a VERY short window. We need you to look through your rosters on the above linked BFK website and email me (Lizzy) any errors you notice. We need these errors by TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1st at 2:30pm, so I can submit them to the Meghan for state review by Wednesday. Again, I know it is a short turn around, this is recent news to us as well...but it shouldn't take you too long to review.

Item #2

World language exams will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday December 15th and 16th. Please read the linked document to find times for world language testing as well as rooms/encore courses that will be displaced due to the exams. Please let Lizzy know if you see any problems.

​ World Language teachers, please communicate with your students as to which day they should expect their exam.

Item #3

Team, specifically teachers of Math Acceleration, please complete the following google doc (click on the tab, "Q2 7th and 8th Math Acceler.") for students moving INTO or OUT of Math Acceleration. Please be reminded, that you must contact parents for any student that will be added to this list (you do not need to contact parents of students staying in Math Acceleration). Please complete this list byDecember 18th at 2:30pm. Please contact Lizzy or Amy W if you have questions. ​

​(Quarter Intervention Moves)​

Item #4


will take place on Thursday, January 14th in 7th grade. Details to come, but you will need 45 minutes to administer the test. Teams can decide how to administer. It will be given on Schoology.

Item #5

* HS Math 1 exams will take place on Thursday, January 14th. Details to come.​

Item #6

8th Grade Core teachers only! High School recommendations will start January 4th. Please stay tuned to the Pulse and team meetings for more information. ​

Item #7


  • Superhawks should be coming to your advisory each morning after announcements to collect any money from your advisory. Collection dates are Monday, November 30th- Tuesday, December 8th.
  • If a SuperHawk happens to forget to come to your team/advisor, please email Carolyn Heller and she will collect from you.
  • All Nagel Nighthawks and families are invited to the Shopping Night at Target, 4:00-7:30 on Wednesday, December 9th

Item #8

Do you have a student that has accomplished something amazing outside the walls of Nagel this fall? For example, won a contest, performed in a show, received an award? If you do, please email their name and what they did to Jodie by December 12th.

Item #9

To support the "Future Business Leaders Association" at Turpin High School, there will be bins in the front lobby to place gently used coats. This group is going to then donate these coats to shelters in OTR. Please announce in advisory and/or post to your team page.

Item #10

Friday, December 4th--Go Offline Day 8th Grade Encore & NMS Lunch Schedule

8th Grade ENCORE schedule:

Bell One: 7:42-8:12

Bell Two: 8:15-8:45

Bell Three: 8:48-9:18

NMS Lunch Schedule: All lunches will be dismissed by an admin

10:15-10:45--Teams 81, 82, 83

10:50--11:20--Teams 84, 85, 75

11:25--11:55--Teams 71, 72, 73, 74 (students will go straight to encores)

Item #11

* Public School Works videos - deadline December 15th.

Item #12

Final reminder when ordering food for delivery, please put exact amount due in an envelope with your name on it and leave at Express Cafe'. We all need to follow this procedure, otherwise, we will not be able to allow outside orders any longer.

Item #13

New book just arrived if you are interested, "Questioning for Classroom Discussion: Purposeful Speaking, Engaged Listening, Deep Thinking".

Item #14

Be on the lookout for Aspire makeup testing details.



30- Share and Shop begins


1 - Chorus Concert 7:00

2 - Team Leader 2:30 Room 115

2 - Advisory Rep 2:30 Room 118

4 - Go Offline Day

8 - Shop & Share concludes

9 - Achievers 2: 30 Room 115

14 - Orchestra Concert 7:30

15 & 16 - World Language Exams

16 - Staff Meeting 2:30 LC

17 - Band Concert 7:30

18 - Soaring Thru the Season

21 - Jan 3 - Holiday Break - Enjoy


Tech Bytes

Morning Announcements

To ensure we have time to prepare…. All announcements should be sent to Melissa Huxtable not later than 2:30 the day prior. The only exception we can currently think of is evening sports scores.

Video Tutorials

We have created a tutorial videos section on Schoology to aid both students and staff with learning how to use certain tools. We would like to build a library of frequently used videos. That is where we need your help. Please email Kyle with topics for videos that you would find helpful so that we can begin creating a robust set of videos.