Kade Thomas

What is Astrobiology

The study of life on Earth and in Space
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Is there life on other planets?

When trying to figure this out Astrobiologist use tell tale signs, such as methane, this is one of the biggest indicators of life. Methane and Sulfide provide energy to bacteria not heat. Mars may possible still be releasing methan which make Astrobiologist wonder, is there life on Mars or other planets?

Europa, does it contain life?

Europa is one of Jupitars moons, and it possibly could contain life. One of the satellites might have picked up on one of the biggest signs of life, liquid water, scientists say there could be a small ocean underneath the surface of Europa.

Ancient life beneath Earth?

It turns out that Interactions between the ocean and Earths mantle could harbor life for microbes in the hard rocks of Earths mantle.
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