Claim: 3 People Changed the World

Reasons on how three People Changed the World

Evidence: On Paragraphs 3, 10, and 19 they all stated the different ways on how they help.

This is the evidence I think it is because they all talk about the reasoning on how they have changed the world to make this finally one nation.

Evidence: On Paragraph 23 Line 2 it states that "Today, many Americans remember King as a national hero."

This is the evidence I found because it shows how people appreciate Martin Luther King today because of what he has done.

Facts of the Three People that changed the world

1. Harriet Tubman was one of the first people to come back and save over 300 slaves.

2. Douglass was one of the first people to escape the South and become the first to start publishing stories about it.

3. Martin Luther King went to prison and then came back to talk to the president and speak one of the best speeches ever.

4. Douglass knew how to read and write even though he was a slave.

5. Martin Luther King died from a assassination and was the only one to get assassinated out of the three.

"They are all National Heroes and they never will be forgotten"