By: Bella Fogarasi

"Perseverance is the secret to all triumphs" -Victor Hugo

Perseverance is for the people who want to face challenges along the way but still never give up. People who faced perseverance are Bethany Hamilton, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Caine Monroy, Elvis Presely, Nadia Comaneci, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Bethany Hamilton - Description

Bethany Hamilton has been a surfer all her life, as well as her best friend Alana Blanchard. She competed in national surfing competitions an won several of them. One morning Bethany left with the Blanchard family for a morning surf, and while resting on her surfboard in the middle of the ocean, a 14 ft tiger shark jumped up and bit her left arm off her body.They all swam Bethany back to shore and took her to the hospital where they closed the skin and stopped the bleeding. Bethany soon wanted to recover so sh can get back in the water and compete again, but first she has to get used to doing everyday stuff with one arm. She never thought about putting a yield to surfing. Then about 2 years later her family went to the beach so Bethany could try again. She failed but never gave up. For example, she couldn't use one arm to push through the water. She kept persevering to stand on the board. With multiple tries Bethany finally did it and is still competing today.

Compare & Contrast - Caine VS Nadja

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Elvis Presley - Compare & Contrast

In the 1900's, the music industry was changed by Elvis Presley. Many people did not appreciate his work at first because they thought he was inadequate. But that was his way of saying to have persistence. All his fans were young girls, because of his dance moves and style. They were his true friends because they were the ones to adhere. Consequently many record labels did not accept him because of what he he thought was music. As a result he started gaining fans and more record labels were trying to offer him a deal, to be the most famous singer, which obviously happened. He is a legend to many of us and we still show triumph today.
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Nadia Comaneci - Sequence

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Martin Luther King Jr. - Problem / Solution

As a child growing up, Martin Luther King Jr. did not feel equal. There was a problem throughout the world that different races were not treated the same. Martin felt like that was unfair so decided to venture and not be complacent about it to make it right. At first faltered and didn't have enough power. after many days of planning, he stood up for the country. He wanted people to be equal so he gave the "I have a dream" speech. He was very eloquent, like he's done this before, but he really hasn't. Martin had conviction for equality. Later, a solution came, and many african americans were on his side and they overcame what many thought was impossible.

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