ken wills

by argina zhabeli

I have chosen ken wills because he is a hard working man from the start. he never gave up.

who is ken wills

Ken came from modest beginnings, growing up in a semi in Ashford, the son of an auxiliary nurse and a jobbing builder.

Ken Wills started with nothing and has worked his way up to a business empire with a turnover of £20 million.

what does he do for a living;

ken wills is a professional builder in Ashford. Along with an nurse job.

Today he boasts a jet engine maintenance shop, a helicopter firm, a fire prevention company, a restaurant, a jewellery business and a radio station on the Isle of Thanet.

skills and charasteristics

skills and characteristics;

he is a hard working person who never gives up and has tried his best to become what he wants in life.

he is organised, determinate and motivated.

he owns a lot of shops. And business.