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FY22 Teacher Interest/Placement Questionnaire

The form is designed to capture each teacher's interest and desired placement for the FY22 school year. Interest and desired placement must align to the teacher's current certification(s). Due: 3/5/2021

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The BIG 3: School Goals

Jaguar Staff Updates: Happy February!

Hello February! This is one of my most favorite months. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month also commonly referred to as National African American History Month. However, we know that celebrations and honors were well overdue. Each moment, each day, each week and each month gives us a reason to celebrate. The Jaguars are excited to celebrate African American History Month. We hope you will celebrate with us!

Our students will engage in learning about notable African Americans who have contributed to our history and made a difference in the world as we know it today. Our students will engage in trivia, projects, and other activities throughout the month. Stay tuned for more information from our Social Studies and Literacy Department.

We do encourage a plethora of teaching resources to deepen the understanding of our students, as the history of African Americans is impressive and vast. The following resource may be used by teachers to provide instruction and guidance for African American History Month.

Let’s Talk About Learning Loss!

Along with celebrations, this month also brings forth a sharp focus on academic studies. Learning loss during the pandemic is a real thing. It’s a topic we approach, but at times shy away from due to the harsh realities of the pandemic. Educators, parents and students have experienced first hand the direct effects of prolonged periods of remote learning. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our community. How will we begin to recover academic learning and continue to support our parents and teachers? Please review our plans in the near future to support recovering incomplete grades, extended learning opportunities, and the evaluation of learning growth and loss.

  • Academic Tutorials: Students are invited to attend tutorial sessions with their assigned teacher, or a teacher of the same level and content area. We encourage scholars who need additional support to attend tutorials (Face-to-Face/OR/Virtual).

  • Extended Learning: Additional learning for scholars who require remediation are available. Remediation services are available based on a scholar’s academic data; specific focus areas are ELA and Math; (Face-to-Face/OR/Virtual). Registration for extended learning is required. Please email Ms. Kenyatta Stacker, Extended Learning Coordinator for more information and to receive a link to registration.

  • Reboot Learning Sessions (Clearing Semester 1 Incompletes): Students will have an opportunity to recover incomplete work for semester 1. Scholars who did not submit assignments for Semester 1 missed opportunities to document artifacts that serve as evidence of mastery. Thus, scholars may have an “Incomplete” reflected on their final report card for Semester 1. Reboot sessions will allow scholars to recover missing work and ensure a final grade aligned to their mastery level. Reboot Sessions will begin in March. Please be sure to remain attentive to the information for Reboot Sessions. Parents may visit grade level websites for more information.

Please always remember: “You are so awesome! You are so amazing! Your students need you and you are making a difference in their lives. Keep on teaching, Teachers! Keep on leading, Leaders! Keep on supporting, Support Staff. Keep on making the difference.”

Again, and as always, thank you for all that you do to ensure we are normalizing excellence!

Happy New Year!

Your Partner,

Principal Miley


A few gentle, but important reminders:

  • 2/22-2/26: Happy Black History Month!
  • SGC Declaration Window: Are you interested in serving on the School Governance Council. Teachers and support staff, are you seeking to expand your engagement in school operations, budget, and leadership? If so, seek a seat on the council.Declare your candidacy now!
  • Extended Learning: The Extended Learning Program is open to scholars who currently require additional support. Please contact Ms. Stacker for more information. Direct access to the application may be found in the Principal's Newsletter (Please recommend scholars based on academic data)
  • Reboot Sessions: Students will have an opportunity to recover incomplete work for semester 1. Scholars who did not submit assignments for Semester 1 missed opportunities to document artifacts that serve as evidence of mastery. Thus, scholars may have an “Incomplete” reflected on their final report card for Semester 1. Reboot sessions will allow scholars to recover missing work and ensure a final grade aligned to their mastery level. Reboot Sessions will begin in March. Click here to confirm participation.
  • ***Parent Communication: It is the expectation that all Sandtown Middle School teachers will ensure effective communication with all parents and stakeholders. Please make an action plan to reply to all email and phone communication within 24-72 hours; check emails regularly and document parent communications in the IC portal.
  • Lunch Schedule: Review the calendar and adhere to POD release and Non-Team Days. Copies of the calendar are available in the cafeteria and it is posted in our Staff SMORE.
    • 6th Grade: 11:58 a.m.
    • 7th Grade: 11:48 a.m.
    • 8th Grade: 11:40 a.m. (Escorted to the cafeteria by Connections Teachers; Escorted to the POD by the 8th grade Support Team)
  • Dismissal:We will begin dismissal at 3:45 p.m.: Car Riders (3:45 p.m.); Buses (4:05 p.m.); please utilize active study hall structures for learning and engagement: iReady, Silent Reading: Book Study, etc. Please do not line students up and escort them down prior to 3:45 p.m.
  • Daily Sign-in procedures: Please be mindful of reporting times; reporting times are listed in the SMS handbook; you may also review the FY 21 SMS Roles and Responsibilities to review reporting times. All staff members are required to sign-in for daily work reporting. Signing-in prior to arrival and off-site is not approved. All certified and classified staff members, with access to TEAMS will use the TEAMS sign-in process. All other FCS staff members will sign-in using RAPTOR.
  • Congratulations: Ms. Latoya Baker will be featured on FCS-TV for her stellar data driven instructional practices. What an honor! We can't wait to see Ms. Baker showcase her skills as a Jaguar!
  • Congratulations: Arianne Warner has been accepted into the Response Matters Pathway Cohort 2! Ms. Warner will enhance her skills and build capacity to support teachers and staff with supportive discipline management techniques. We are proud of your Ms. Warner and looking forward to learning how to navigate with more responsive and supportive discipline techniques. Way to Go!
  • Student Shout-Outs: Check out the Principal's Newsletter for our student shout outs. Our scholars are beating the odds and exceeding during the pandemic! Congratulations to our scholars!
  • Thoughts and Considerations: Please continue to keep our staff members in prayer: Ms. Owens (Condolences); Mr. Love (new baby); Ms. Jones (condolences); Ms. North (condolences); Ms. Nevels-Marbury (condolences); Ms. Swift (condolences); Ms. Bataille (condolences); Ms. McDougal (medical); Ms. Goodson (new baby); Ms. Kendrick (condolences); Ms. Green (condolences); Ms. Mitchell (condolences); Ms. Warner (condolences); Ms. Washington (condolences); A. Philip Randolph Elementary School (Condolences); Ms. Huggins (Condolences); Westlake High School (Condolences); Ms. Coates (Condolences); Ms. Beauford-Vernon (Condolences); Tri-Cities High School (Condolences); Mr. Samuel Wade (Condolences); Mr. Todd (Condolences); Ms. Hood (Condolences)
  • SMS Employee Fund: Sandtown Middle School Employee Fund: Click here to donate the SMS-Employee Fund

Thanks to all, please remember: “You are so awesome! You are so amazing! Your scholars need you and you are making a difference in their lives. Keep on teaching, Teachers! Keep on leading, Leaders! Keep on supporting, Support Staff! Keep on parenting, Parents! Everyone-Keep on making the difference.”

Your Partner,


Jaguar's Quote:

Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love. Leo Buscaglia

This Week At a Glance: 2/22-2/26

  • Extended Learning: Monday, 2/22 and Tuesday, 2/23
  • 2/23: Rising 6th Grade Virtual Visit: Cliftondale and Wolf Creek ES- Virtual
  • 2/23: Parent Engagement Session-Tech Talk (5:30 p.m.)
  • 2/24: SGC Meeting (4:30 p.m.)
  • SGC Declaration Window opens on 2/3 (Declare your candidacy: We have 2 open staff seats for the FY22 school year.
  • CISS Window: 2/3-2/26 (See Ms. Blackley or Ms. Crowder)
  • PSAT Classes: 8th Grade Scholars (Wednesday and Thursday)

*Remain attentive to your email; attend all required meetings

Roll Call: Please be sure to take attendance daily!!!!

Teachers: Please ensure attendance is taken daily for all scholars: Face-to-face and virtual. Attendance records serve as a legal document and must remain accurate. Currently, teachers are responsible for ensuring accurate attendance is taken. Ms. Jones will review and send gentle reminders to assist the team with staying on task.

Teacher Appreciation: February: IT TAKES A BIG HEART

This month's theme is: IT TAKES A BIG HEART!

*Activities are compliments of: The Instructional Support Team (Support Leaders)

Title I-Building Staff Capacity: Required Reading

Each month, our team will engage in a building our capacity engagement. It is our goal to ensure we are actively prepared to support our scholars and parents in the most effective manner.

Please read the selected article and be prepared to win Sandtown gear by being the first to answer questions from the article.

Happy Learning: February's Articles

December's Lunch Winner

  • Maria Croshaw, ELA Department
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Student Success Skills: 2/22-2/26 (Lesson Plan)

Site Based Leader: Kimberly Postell

**Student Success Skills lessons are not optional; all teachers are required to complete the assigned lessons. Please see Ms. Postell if you have questions regarding expectations for the Student Success Skills block.

✨✨Note of Concern: The Thursday and Friday iReady days are for students to work on lessons assigned by their ELA and Math teachers. If you are not an ELA or Math teacher, please do not assign lessons. There is a limit to how many lessons can be assigned. Miscellaneous assignments kick out the necessary requirements from the ELA and Math teachers. If students do not have teacher assigned lessons, they should be working in their "Path".

Week Outline for February 22nd - February 26th:

Monday & Tuesday (SSS)

6th Grade: No "I" In Team

7th Grade: Peering Into Relationships

8th Grade: KISS Peer Pressure Goodbye

Wednesday - P.B.I.S

Focus: Friendship (See February Friends PPT attached)

Virtual Sneaker Ball - Feb. 26th 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Thursday and Friday- iReady

Teacher assigned lessons

Teacher Required Lesson Week 25

Category: Social Skills

Topic: Relationships
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PBIS: Building Positive Behaviors

Friendship: Reference your email for lesson plans (Wednesday's)

PBIS Coach: Ms. Arianne Warner

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This Month At A Glance: Daily Bell Schedule, FCS News, Monthly Celebrations & MORE

Click here for frequently asked questions

The Bell Schedule is changing! The changes are minor, however, all classes are extended by 5 minutes to increase access to instruction. Transitions will continue to be closely monitored and ensure social distancing and cleanliness measures are in place. URL scholars are impacted, as transition time is now limited to 10 minutes. Please plan for the adjustments.

The new extended 5 minutes for each class will begin on Wednesday, January 06.

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Welcome new staff members: We are excited to have you on the team!

Teacher Grant Opportunities: Extra Funds $$

  • The Meemic Foundation

Happy Birthday: February Birthday Celebrations

  • Victoria Grubbs
  • Mecca Coates
  • Kristen Turner
  • Yvette Life
  • Xavier Jennings
  • Camille Crowder
  • Gwendolyn Owens


Have you joined PTSA?

Our PTSA is remarkable! Membership: Staff, can be via Cash, Cash App, or

Cash App: $SandtownPTSA

FY21 Instructional Leadership Team

Click here to view the FY21 Leadership Team

Welcome to the Instructional/Academic Leadership Team

  • 6th Grade Level Chair(s): Mr. Charles Love and Ms. Antonia Washington
  • 7th Grade Level Chair, Dominique Davis
  • 8th Grade Level Chair, Camille Crowder
  • CTAE Chair, Maria Bibbs-Hines
  • Extended Learning Coordinator, Ms. Kenyatta Stacker
  • New Teacher Coordinator, Kristen Turner
  • Connections Support, Kimberly Postell
  • 504/SST Coordinator, Jamelle Hood
  • Extended Learning Coordinator, Kenyatta Stacker

Employment Opportunities: Internal and External

Current Vacancies:
  1. Virtual Learning Paraprofessional (PLI)
  2. Special Education Paraprofessional (2)
  3. Instructional Teaching Positions: Social Studies and Math

$3 Every Thursday For A Good Cause!

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7th Grade Website

7th Grade: Website

8th Grade Website

8th Grade: Website

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SMS Instructional Lesson Plans

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Sandtown Middle School Handbook-FY21

This guide is designed to answer frequently asked questions concerning policies, procedures, benefits, services, work rules and other areas of concern to employees.

SMS Employee Form

SMS Employee Form: Please complete all sections of the form. The information is used for contact and emergency purposes only.

Return-to-Work Handbook

This document is in response to the current COVID19 crisis and is not a replacement for employee expectations as articulated in the policies of the FCBOE, the FCS Employee Handbook, and the Georgia PSC Code of Ethics for Educators.

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