Tropical Rainforest

By Lauren (:


Tropical rainforests are usually near the equator, mostly in Latin America. One third of the worlds rainforests are in Brazil.


The average temerature in tropical rainforests is about 20-25 degrees celsius and the average rainfall is 200cm.



Capybaras have grown partial webbing inbetween their feet to help them swim.

Flying Dragon

The flying dragon has wing-like skin flaps to be able to fly from tree to tree.


Toucans have developed long, large beaks to help get fruit from trees.


They are able to wrap its tail around a branch, so it can swing and get things from trees with both hands.


They move slowly and have algea growing growing on their back so that they cant be seen by predators.



Thick bark to help limit moisture evaporation from the trees trunk.


They have roots in the ground and climbing high into the tree canopy to get sunlight.

Drip Tips

They have gotten a drip tip so rainfalls off the plant faster.

Interesting Facts

-Tropical rainforests are endangered! Out of the US' original tropical rainforests only 3% remain.
-The largest rain forest is the Amazon, in Brazil.
-Recieves 12 hours of daylight but only 3 percent reaches the ground.