Animal Farm

Kaitlen Grooms


In Animal Farm, Snowball was a very thoughtful character due to the fact that he always made sure the other animals were in agreement, also, he was very smart and cleaver because he always had a plan and if it didn't work out he had a back up plan. for example: the battle of the cowshed.


In Animal Farm, the animals started off pretty equal until Old Major died and Napoleon decided that the pigs were better and smarter due to the fact that they could read better, they worked harder and they knew the entire alphabet, also, Napoleon constantly changed the rules ever so slightly over time and convinced the other animals that that's the way it had always been. Napoleon also let the other pigs and the dogs sleep and eat in the farm house with him. Napoleon always tried to justify that he didn't think he was better than them he just "had a lot of work to be done" and that's why he got to stay in the farm house. He also said that drinking beer would be punishable by death but he drank every night. so furthermore, in Animal Farm none of the animals were truly equal.

Battle of the Cowshed

The Battle of the Cowshed was a very important event in Animal Farm because that's when Farmer Jones came back to the farm with a gun and a lot of other farmers and tried to scare the animals away. When the farmers approached the farm all the pigeons flew over the farmers then the geese came out and started biting the men's legs. Then, Snowball, Benjamin, and all the sheep with Snowball at the head of them, ran towards the farmers and kicked them with their hoofs. The animals fled so the farmers ran towards the farm but then the horses and the cows and the rest of the pigs and Snowball charged at Farmer Jones and he shot at him and the pellets from the gun skinned his back and made him bleed but the bullet hit a sheep and it died. Then they had a burial service for the dead comrade and snowball was awarded animal hero first class for his bravery.

Napoleon = Stalin

In Animal Farm Napoleon resembled Stallin in a number of ways such as, Stallin's secret police represented by Napoleon's guard dogs. Napoleon was also like Stallin in the sense that he abused their power and had cruel, vicious ways of getting their way through manipulating everyone. Stallin also was inspired and studied under Marx, napoleon however was inspired by and studied under Old Major until he died then Napoleon took over.