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Mobile Applications: Process Development & Architecture Supporting Web

The Mobile Application clearly foreseen to include the principles of mobile software, but researchers believes it will also include some more specialized fields such as Artificial Intelligence Web (Web AI). In any case, it has become clear not only what will be the full features of mobile web application, but what would be the appropriate procedures and technologies, based on which they can be built and developed by the respective applications next generation, so the path to Web 3.0 to be currently in an arbitrary and anarchic. In this direction, we study the current situation of application support of nokia mobile application, and made specific suggestions for improvement. As a first step proposed a three-tier architecture (3-tier), which on the one hand, the lower level includes a robust infrastructure web knowledge base that can support combining multiple disparate data sources without requiring a strong pre-existing web underpinnings, and secondly, at the highest levels, it offers great flexibility to the user when interacting with the underlying model technologies, and can support collaborative development of Web applications next generation.

Also one of the major parts of this thesis is the proposal for a specific development process and a life cycle model applications of mobile application trends, where, taking into account specific elements and the dual nature of these applications are given detailed steps how they can overcome any obstacles and to create maximum efficiency during the design and development of Web applications next generation. Based on the above, given the opportunity to develop some indicative Web applications, which combine the concept of mobile application download and the strong technological background of the Web;”