What selling techniques are used

to market sport products to maximise profit ?

How do sport companies maximise profit ?

Sport companies, like Nike & Adidas, maximise profit by using their sponsored players to endorse their company or one their particular products. People are more likely to buy a product if they see a famous person or their favourite sport players using a specific product.

Famous Sponsored Athletes

Famous athletes shoes.

How do sport companies benefit from sponsoring sport stars/ athletes ?

Sport companies benefit from sponsoring sport stars/ athletes by being able to get the athlete to wear thier merchandise that can  attract many customers as they look up to the athlete, and many other customers that play sport have a mentality that wearing the same things as they do will ensure they perform at their level.

How much do these sponsored teams earn ?

These professional sports teams also gain profit while being sponsored by sports companies such as Nike, Puma or Adidas for example. Manchester United who are sponsored by Nike, earn around $42 million a year from their contract with Nike. Professional sport teams are entitled to this amount of money as they wear the kits their sponsors provide them. Fly Emirates are also sponsoring Arsenal and are paying $150 million to be the main front sponsor of Arsenal FC.

Famous Sponsored Teams

How do sport companies use their sponsored players ?

The sporting company "giants" Nike & Adidas use their sponsored players to maximise profit by doing the following. Companies use their sponsored sport stars in advertisements, opening of new stores, photoshoots & wearing sponsored clothing.