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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Fall Break - October 10-11

Homecoming 2019 - October 17-19

Next BFSA Meeting - October 21 @ 3 pm, 118 Wells Hall, Special Guest: Shawn Touney of Branding, Marketing & Communication (1st 15 minutes of the meeting)

Getting Involved with BFSA

In the 9/27/19 email, there were references to some of the many areas where help with BFSA was needed:

  • BFSA Facilitator (formerly called President)
  • Welcome Online Viewbook
  • Welcoming Group for new job candidates to campus
  • Black Student Book Scholarship Review Committee
  • BFSA Website Manager
  • BFSA Organization Treasurer
  • BFSA Administrator (formerly called Secretary)

Participants both in the meeting and those unable to attend have expressed concern in some of the above content and wish to not have descriptors which appear to be similar to leadership roles. In an effort to move away from this perception, perhaps the following is a better list of ways to get involved with BFSA:

  • BFSA Operational Review Group (Facilitation and Administration functions)
  • Review and welcome group for online viewbook
  • Welcome Group for new job candidates
  • Review group for Black Student Book Scholarship

Newest Employees at MSU

The Power of Relationship Building | Jose Gutierrez | TEDxBentleyU
VOTING - November 5, 2019

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 5 - Election Day! Not sure where you are registered? No problem! Check where they are registered to vote, precinct location, etc.: