Pine Hill School District News

May 2019


In an effort to enhance communication between students, parents and the community, the Pine Hill School District has begun distributing an electronic newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading it!


The Pine Hill School District recently entered into a partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools. The goal of the partnership is to increase the number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses. The partnership will provide opportunities for us to identify students that will benefit from rigorous classes that will help them grow academically and socially. Additionally, the program will help to reduce, eliminate, and prevent racial and socioeconomic isolation; increase student achievement; and enhance postsecondary opportunities for all students. Through the collaboration with Equal Opportunity Schools, our goal is to provide a friendly, supportive, highly effective, and fully integrated learning environment and instructional program.


Dr. Albert Bean School students have gone mad about science. Through a federal grant, Mad Science has been sending a scientist to the school to work with each classroom once a week. The scientist spends one hour with a class covering topics such as chemistry, electricity, forces of motion and other STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts. Students engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations and participate in inquiry-based discussions with their peers.


Pine Hill Middle School students are learning valuable business skills as they operate a coffee cart in the school. The students are responsible for taking orders, delivering products and keeping financial records for this mini-enterprise. Orders are collected throughout the week and coffee is delivered to staff members on Friday mornings. Students are learning how to create a budget and track sales, handle money, create sales reports using a graphing website and determine future purchases based on the popularity of certain products. During customer interactions, students are also developing important social skills which will prepare them for success at school and in their personal lives.


The spring sports season is off to a great start. Overbrook hosted the 25th Annual Battle of the Conferences Softball Tournament on April 13th and 14th. Sixteen teams participated from all over South Jersey. Mainland High School took first place. Overbrook HS baseball player, AJ Himes (pictured on the left), was recognized by as the Colonial Conference pitcher of the week on April 8th. On April 15th, in a tie game, Freshman Amaia Smith stepped up and hit a game-winning grand slam over the fence against Haddonfield to solidify the win for the girls softball team.


On March 29th, the Overbrook High School freshman and sophomore classes held their annual cotillion dance. In an effort to minimize the financial burden for students and families, the dance was held in the gymnasium. With guidance from their advisors, Ms. Anari and Mrs. Procopio, the students were charged with transforming the gymnasium into a dance hall within hours. The food was catered by Ollie Gators Restaurant. Many of the teachers and staff volunteered their time to make this a special evening for our students. The students dressed up and danced the night away!


Choosing classes for next year can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Our eleventh graders are finalizing their post-secondary plans while eighth graders are venturing into the next phase of their educational journey preparing for high school. Overbrook High School has a multitude of course offerings to meet the varying interests of our students. They can participate in any of our Advanced Placement courses or dual credit classes to earn college credit while still in high school. We also offer a wide range of elective courses such as coding, robotics, music theory, printing, digital media, video production and theatre to name a few. During the coming weeks, all students will meet with their counselors to make their selections for the 2019-2020 school year. Our counselors are excited to help our students build the foundation for their future career path.


Patient First, a chain of urgent care centers, has generously awarded the John Glenn School with a $1,000 grant that will be used to purchase books and other materials for students to use during restorative lunch sessions. Restorative lunch sessions provide opportunities for students to review strategies and coping skills that they can use when faced with conflict and other difficult situations. Students will read and learn about topics such as empathy, honesty and kindness. Based on the age group, students may also complete related assignments. The students will brainstorm, discuss and write about different ways the ideas could be used during the school day. The goal is to use every “teachable” moment so that students can develop the necessary skills to navigate their day.


Among the many things happening in STEAM programs district wide, our fifth grade enrichment students are working on an insect study. They each chose an insect to research and then designed it using a 3-dimensional computer-aided design program called Tinkercad. Tinkercad is an online tool that enables students to design and code their very own creations. All of our students had a blast as their imaginations came to "life" on the 3-dimensional printer!


One of the highlights of the year is when our fourth and fifth grade students complete their Women’s History month projects. The students researched famous woman and then completed a written report. While presenting the reports to their peers, the students answered a variety of questions posed by the audience members about their subject. This year, the oral presentations were enhanced by PowerPoint slide shows that had embedded video clips about their subjects. Some of the women highlighted this year were Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart and Babe Didrikson.


Did you know that each school has a Site Council? The purpose is to provide a cooperative means of improving educational programs and conditions. Each school's Site Council is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators and school board members who meet with the principal periodically throughout the school year. If you're interested in participating, click here for more information.