GT Learners

Big Ideas

1. Gifted students need nurturing, challenging and supportive educators. They should not be expected to thrive independently.
2. Gifted learners may not make excellent grades and should not be assessed solely based on this characteristic.
3. Challenging academic coursework may not be the answer to reaching the unique thinking gifted learners are capable of performing.


1. Why are the statistics for the percentage of gifted learners in our population so contested?
2. Is funding really a problem for reaching GT learners, or can teachers give GT learners the experiences they need within the walls of their classroom?

Taking action now

Through learning about the myths associated with gifted learners, I am going to take more action to advocate for a learner in my classroom who I believe is gifted but also has a disability. This disability may inhibit her from performing well on a GT test, but I will continue to take notes on all of her qualifying characteristics I observe.