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Week of September 19 "Oh The Places You'll Go!"

Guided Reading

As you can probably already tell from our conversations, I firmly believe from reading research and studying data over the last 8 years that guided reading impacts our student's reading progress significantly. Our student's success depends on the time that they have at the guided reading table. In order to reach our goal for all Primary students to leave our building reading on grade level, we must commit to keeping guided reading a sacred time in our day. Following are links to research, articles and videos that will assist us in collaborating on guided reading best practices (I will also include in our Google Classroom). Please read and be ready to discuss during common planning on Wednesday September 28th. As a professional learning community, we are committed to being life-long learners so I thank you for taking time to learn together!

GR Research Paper

4 Tips for Guided Reading

Text Level Ladder of Progress

Guided Reading Video (notice she discusses reading strategies with them: use pictures (Eagle Eye), stretch out word (Stretchy Snake), and get lips ready (Lips to Fish)


Having some behaviors you want to change?

Here is a website with lots of strategies to use.

Remember that you should have 3 positive interactions with a student to every 1 negative interaction. Here is video explaining why this concept is so important.

If you have any great ideas on classroom incentives for positive student behavior, please add it to our CHAMPS shared folder.


  • If you do not have AirServer do a tech request-allows projection of Ipad to screen
  • Add Weekly Newsletter to Website to keep teacher website updated
  • Primary Technology Laptop Checkout
  • IPad Checkout
  • Remind parents to include change of clothes in backpack...Nurse needs clothes if anyone has donations!
  • We are adding these to your sub notebooks. The office is creating new emergency folders for every teacher. A google training is forthcoming because we will have our first fire drill at the end of the month. Emergency Procedures
  • School Business and Professional Development Days need description when inputting in Webclock
PTP's First RtI Meetings!

Our purpose is to ensure that each child in our building is receiving appropriate TIER 1, 2 or 3 interventions in a timely manner

Wishing You Well!

Gina has decided to spend time with her hubby and take care of her family!

Christy's husband has a new job a at Baylor!

We will miss you both and know the future has great things in store for you