Hacienda Tres Rios

Sustainable Hotel


The Riviera Maya Ecological Resort is located 45 minutes south of Cancún’s International Airport and just 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen. Hacienda Tres Rios Resort, Spa & Nature Park provides environmental criteria to guide its architectural and engineering design in order to have a harmonious coexistence with the environment of the área.

Green Globe

The Riviera Maya resort successfully combines all the features of a Green Globe Certified resort with the comfortable accommodations and facilities of a luxury resort.

The Green Globe Standard is a structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism businesses and their supply chain partners. Businesses can monitor improvements and document achievements leading to certification of their enterprises’ sustainable operation and management.

The Green Globe Standards is a collection of 337 compliance indicators applied to 41 individual sustainability criteria. The applicable indicators vary by type of certification, geographical area as well as local factors. The Green Globe Standard is reviewed and updated twice per calendar year.

The good

  • Saving light of 38%
  • Saving wáter 40% of freshwater aquifers mantles
  • Recycling
  • Use of products 100% biodegradable
  • Water treatment
  • Use of local materials

The bad

  • Yate tours

Those are things are bad for the ecosistem because they contaminate the water with gas' yates

Curious Facts

  • The infrastructure hotel is locate in areas of lower environmental value or course for those already affected to have the least impact on the ecosystems of the area.
  • Areas were rehabilitated and reforested dunes and construction was at a distance of 20 meters to not affect the cenotes and caves.
  • All buildings were ground on a construction of more than 780 high poles were placed at depths of 5 to 30 meters ensure surface water flows in the mangroves.
  • The work was performed on the basis of permeable rock, which keeps the building without moisture problems and rises to nearly three meters above sea level, which ensures that the water flows freely under construction.
  • In addition, all paths below a drainage pipe, allowing the natural flow of water, nutrients and fauna was placed.
  • The use low energy bulbs and equipment room lights and air conditioning with motion sensors to automatically turn off when rooms are unoccupied.
  • The drinking water comes from the sea and is treated with a desalination plant and water treatment.
  • recycling of all solid wastes.
  • Cold water from deep wells is used to cool air conditioning systems.
  • The heat generated by the air conditioning is captured and used to heat wáter.
Hacienda Tres Rios Resort, Spa & Nature Park