Middle School Applications

Tips and Tricks for the Transition

Kennedy Middle School Cambridge Update 11/20/2018

Are you wondering if the Cambridge Programme is the best fit for your child? We asked Barbara Sweeney, the coordinator of the Cambridge Programme at Kennedy, to provide us a list of characteristics needed to be successful in the Cambridge Programme.

· Loves to learn

· Self-motivated

· Independent thinker & worker

· Gets along well with others

· Reliable

· Honest

· Trustworthy

· Enthusiastic

· Intellectually playful

· Curious

· Dependable

· Civic-minded

· Respectful of self and others

· Willing to participate in class discussions

If this sounds like you (or your student) then we recommend applying to the programme!

Westshore Update (11/16/18)

Westshore Jr/Sr High has asked that we share this information with all 6th grade parents. See the images below! A link to their school website is at the bottom of this page.

The deadline to apply for Westshore is November 30, 2018.

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Big picture

Where to Find Information

The department of Equity, Innovation, and Choice is where you need to go for the most current information regarding choice schools. There is a menu on the left to help navigate to the sections you may need.


Teacher Recommendation Letters

Contrary to the name, we do not actually write letters. There is a form used by some of the middle schools.Cambridge and IB at Cocoa Beach are the only schools that require it. You will need to print the form and provide a copy for each teacher that the school you are applying to requires. Some schools want just academic area teachers, others also want guidance counselors.

Use the link below to access this form, and print copies of the "Teacher Recommendation Form"


-OR- Use the form provided by the specific school. The only difference is the school logo!

Once you have printed the forms, send them in to your child's academic area teachers. Please note, we fill these out in batches. We also keep them and turn them into Mrs. Carver, assistant principal, as she tracks all documents and applications.

We will send all of the recommendation forms to the middle schools at one time (for all students).

AVID vs Cambridge at Kennedy

We get this question A LOT! Check out this link below to learn more about the AVID and Cambridge programs at Kennedy!


School Websites

Point of Contact for Middle School Applications

Mrs. Carver, Assistant Principal, is the point of contact for all middle school related questions, applications, etc.