Come To Texas!

Get yer arses to Texas!

Cheap, cheap, cheap!

Who doesn't want fertile, cheap land? How bout' rich resources and low taxes?

Then come to Texas!

Land costs 12.5 cents a acre! A bargain compared to any other state in America!

Food! Land!

The forests are teeming with wildlife and the bushes are filled with mouth watering berries! The trees are strong and sturdy, perfect for making a log cabin to survive the cold, dark nights.

The land is rich with minerals and fertile soil. Delicious crops await those who farm in fertile texas soil.


However, to move to Texas, you have to follow certain rules.

1. You have to be catholic!

2. You have to pledge your loyalty to the Spanish Government.

3. You have to have good character.

Land Policy

To all who remain six months- 640 acres.

Three months- 320 acres.

For colonists- 4600 acres for a family

A single man- 1470 acres.