Jacqueline Gonzalez

Rock Band From The 80's

Journey, with all their top hits, became slowly famous and popular. With a their musical accomplishments, and all their famous songs. Journey is still a band now and days. Even though it's been so long sense they had another hit song, no one will forget their great popularity by in those days.
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Band Journey when Steve Perry was lead singer.

An Unsuccessful Beginning

In San Francisco, California 1973, the original band members came together. Their name back then had been The Golden Gate Rhythm Section, with their former manager Herbie Herbert. Journey’s success didn’t happen until their failure in a radio contest, from that moment, they started changing their music style and name. After this, the band began trying harder, finally making their very first public appearance in New Year 1973, then signing a contract with Columbia Records.

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Neal Schon, lead guitar, talks about Journey's growth over the years.

Their Unforgettable Accomplishments

Journey, the rock band from the 80's to the present has sold more than 15 million records in the United States, and close to 90 million records worldwide. They also once had seventeen top 40 singles. Journey hit the top song charts in September 1981.

Many songs like" Don't Stop Believin' " and " Who's Crying Now" and " Any Way You Want It" became really popular in their time. The song " Any Way You Want It" even made it to number eight in the top 25 songs.

More Than Just Rock SIngers

Journey did not only focus on one kind of music style. Even though they did a lot of rock songs, the tried other types of rock, like hard rock, pop rock. They even tried Jazz Fusion, and progressive rock and a few others. They weren't really the type of band that stayed in one music style.
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Journey in a concert, with lead singer Steve Perry.

Where Are They Now?

Even though many of the original members have been replaced, Journey is still a band now and days. Their last songs were released in 2008, like "After All these Years" and a dew other songs. Today a man named Arnel PIneda is Journey's lead singer since 2007. Odiously, Journey still is going on, hopefully, they surprise with another hit, one like their hit's from the earlier years.